Salutations Hollins Roadians!

I wanted to reach out to you to keep you updated with our efforts in continuing the work of Jesus, peacefully, simply, and most importantly now, TOGETHER.  Know that tough decisions about continuing versus cancelling services have been made.  With these decisions comes prayer, conversations, and discernment.  Know that each avenue was explored, and consequences weighed, including the disappointment of some.  In the end, the choice was made for the well being of the believers.

Tough decisions lie ahead as well, and we will greet each one with the same steadfast and consistent approach.  In the meantime, we are seeking alternate ways to continue our walk of faith.  We hope to provide Pastor EB a streaming option(s) for his sermons for those of us with Facebook access. For those who are connected online, but not part of Facebook, we will provide resources via our church website,, and if you don’t have internet access, we will be mailing out church updates weekly, containing similar resources in paper format.  The church staff will still hold office hours, so don’t hesitate to call if you have a question or a need.  Our deacons and pastor are available as well, so we encourage you to reach out to them also.

We live such busy lives, always pausing for an hour or two on Sunday’s to praise, worship, and reflect.  Not sure what to do with all this new downtime?  For years, our fine deacon team has shown us how to reach out and take care of our brothers and sisters who shift from active membership to “shut-ins”.  But now, we are all “shut-ins”.  So, what do we do?  For years, we’ve talked the talked.  We’ve learned that Jesus is all about love and the best example of servant leadership, so now is the time to become more like Him.  Check on your widowed neighbor, your sick neighbor, your neighbor who may have relied on free school lunch to feed their children, your neighbor who may need a break from those same kids, since they’re there together all day, check on each other.  Make a call, shoot a text, write a note, use a carrier pigeon, do what Jesus would do.  For years, we’ve logged countless hours in Sunday school and the sanctuary being taught and told of what Jesus would have us do.

Since we cannot be together in the flesh, the time is upon us to act, for such a time is this.

Seen or unseen, we are still one body, devoted to Christ’s love and teachings.

Until we meet again, may the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord shine his face upon you; and give you grace and peace.

In Christ’s love

Chuck Martin